Adding DICOM Compatibility to Your Existing Balance Manager System

NeuroCom's complete family of Balance Manager(R) systems are on the VistA Imaging Approved DICOM Modality Interface list and meet the DICOM standard for capturing, moving and storing medical records.

Why should your Balance Manager system meet the DICOM standard?

The Veteran's Administration and Department of Defense require medical systems to meet the DICOMstandard for capturing, moving and storing patient records with the highest levels of patient confidentiality.

What changes with the DICOM Option?

The Balance Manager system will work like other DICOM systems:

  1. Input the patient's medical record number and follow the steps to order, schedule, and run the requested tests.
  2. Review the test results and develop your treatment program using your secure VistA Workstation to recall and view the patient's data.
  3. Patient assessment and treatment results can be printed only at your facility's designated print stations.

How do I upgrade to DICOM?

The DICOM Option is available on any Balance Manager systems running software version 8.4 or higher and Windows XP operating system. For systems with previous versions, contact NeuroCom, (800) 767-6744, for a personalized review of your current Balance Manager system. Our customer service experts will recommend the best possible upgrade path.

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For more information about the Balance Manager DICOM Option, contact NeuroCom: (800) 767-6744 or via e-mail.

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