Balance Disorders: a common, complex problem

Sixty percent of Americans will have a balance problem during their life. If you’re fortunate, it’s a minor inconvenience, but in many cases it’s debilitating and can lead to falls, injury and extended lifestyle changes. A baseline assessment can help active agers identify a balance issue that may be impacting their ability to fully participate in a vibrant and active lifestyle.

Natus Medical Incorporated is a medical device manufacturer of NeuroCom balance systems and solutions. The Natus Balance & Mobility facility is located in Oregon, USA. Natus recognizes balance issues and works with physicians, therapists and caregivers to resolve and alleviate balance problems.

The NeuroCom brand offers innovative force plate technology and advanced computer software solutions are used in diverse fields such as neurology, orthopedics, vestibular rehabilitation, sports medicine and senior living fall reduction programs for older adults.

Falling, fear of falling and lack of balance is not a result of age. Good balance is normal at any age. NeuroCom systems enable you or a loved one to stay in balance.

The NeuroCom product line has a complete range of balance solutions from simple, easy-to-use screeners to clinical research systems used in universities and medical centers.

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